Antonio Castillo

/ Santiago, Chile.


Antonio Castillo’s creative work stands out for its versatility in narratives, techniques, and procedures. Each action he takes involves time, space, and body, exposing him to stimuli in constant transformation.

Using sculpture, painting, drawing, and animation, he explores various “supports” that allow him to encompass a diverse local and foreign imaginary. His artistic proposal transcends the boundaries of territory, nationality, and visual arts.

By exploring landscapes, architecture, ways of life and death, customs, beliefs, and different materialities, he engages in a dialogue with themes present in his work, such as affections, loves, heartbreaks, beliefs, and sorrows, capturing an autobiographical narrative that connects places, emotions, and fleeting circumstances.

One of his main artistic objectives revolves around the body, especially his own body as the executor of art pieces. He considers manufacturing as a significant element to approach affective and cultural themes.

Integrating constructive processes with narrative in his artistic proposal is a challenge, as he sees the credibility of a narration directly related to the strength of his bodily work. The artwork reflects an essential part of his person, becoming an extension of himself.

The artistic practice has provided him with the opportunity to develop a symbolic and literal language, where technical and material aspects combine to create a reality where play, process, and rest are fundamental axes in the image he projects.