The Dream of Ometecuhtli

Solo show: Gabino Abraham Castelán Mahara+Co & ArtSpace 305 are pleased to invite you to the first solo exhibition in Miami by artist Gabino A. Castelán on Saturday, December 2, 2023. 5- 9 pm   “The Dream of Ometecuhtli” is a journey through Castelán’s pictorial universe, where everyday life, mythology, and the Nahuatl concept of […]


SWAB BARCELONA – FERIA INTERNACIONAL DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO @swabartfair MAHARA+CO & ART SPACE 305 – Booth 37E Artists:  Denise Treizman’s @denisetreizman mixed media; fragmented, porcelain objects by Mariana Tocornal @marianatocornal; Néstor Arenas @nestorarenasartstudio geometric landscapes and architecture; contemplative paintings by Tatiana Lastarria @tatiana_lastarria; and sculptures by Macarena Salinas @macasalinasa.   Download Dossier


IF EVERYTHING HAS ALREADY BEEN DECIDED – group show ARTISTS | Enrique Ramírez | b. 1974, Chile, José Luis Martinat | b.1974, Perú, Natalia Iguiñiz | b.1973, Perú, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky | b. 1977, Estados Unidos, River Claure | b.1997, Bolivia, Gonzalo Hernández | b.1991, Perú, Fernando Nureña | b.1993, Perú, Javier Barilaro | b. […]

Song of the Simple Things

SONG OF SIMPLE THINGS “SONG OF SIMPLE THINGS”  is an exhibition that captures the essence of the eponymous song composed by the prominent Argentine Armando Tejada Gómez and immortalized in the voice of the iconic Mercedes Sosa. The song’s lyrics evoke the longing for memories and the connection with places and moments from the past, […]

Lo Bello está hecho de un elemento eterno

“LO BELLO ESTÁ HECHO DE UN ELEMENTO ETERNO” On July 27, Mahara+CO & Art Space 305 in collaboration with Emerson Dorsch, presents: LO BELLO ESTÁ HECHO DE UN ELEMENTO ETERNO – group show Artists: DENISE TREIZMAN – NIKITA FELIX – ERNESTO GUTIERREZ MOYA RODOLFO EDWARDS – CESAR REY – ERICK SANCHEZ Mahara+Co and ArtSpace 305 are […]

Somos Múltiples

Exhibition “Somos múltiples” by Manuela Viera-Gallo at the Cervantes Institute in São Paulo. In September, the Cervantes Institute in São Paulo will be presenting the exhibition “Somos múltiples” by Chilean artist Manuela Viera-Gallo, based in New York. This exhibition invites reflection on the role of women in contemporary society through an experimental production that includes […]

Summer 2023 Exhibitions

Summer Exhibitions 2023 It is a pleasure to share with you the exciting exhibitions that will be available during the months of June and July in Miami!   I am delighted to have curated these shows in collaboration with talented artists from Miami and around the world. “Small Things That Seem Eternal”   This collective […]

Mariana Tocornal

/ Statement Mariana Tocornal investiga la conexión entre objetos cotidianos y la memoria emotiva y personal, mientras se vuelven inutilizables con el tiempo. Utiliza principalmente porcelana, costura y otros objetos en sus obras recientes, presentando una técnica precisa de reflexión plástica que explora la construcción y deconstrucción de los objetos. El bordado y la costura […]

Mariana Tocornal

/  Statement Mariana Tocornal explores the connection between everyday objects and emotive, personal memories, as they become unusable over time. She primarily uses porcelain, sewing, and other objects in her recent works, employing a precise technique of plastic reflection that delves into the construction and deconstruction of the objects. The embroidery and sewing in her […]