Mariana Tocornal


Mariana Tocornal explores the connection between everyday objects and emotive, personal memories, as they become unusable over time. She primarily uses porcelain, sewing, and other objects in her recent works, employing a precise technique of plastic reflection that delves into the construction and deconstruction of the objects.

The embroidery and sewing in her pieces symbolize the wounds and disintegration of the memories they evoke. Her artworks invite contemplation and reflection on our own memories of breakage, tension, and fragility.

Mariana Tocornal’s works remind us that memories endure in nearby everyday objects. However, these objects eventually abandon their rigidity and composure as they become unusable. Her technique of stacking and removing molds of accumulated objects over time imbues the pieces with a profound and tense meaning, filling the void of those objects that no longer have a place.

Her fragmented works evoke a personal and collective memory of fragility and tension, revealing a feminine universe always on the verge of destruction.